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Travels in Geology: Exploring Maine's magnificent Mount Katahdin. EARTH.  March 8, 2017.

Exploring the newest gift to America: Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument - EARTH *** August, 2016.

Effort to prevent 'coywolf' hybrids is working, study finds ScienceInsider ***

Beyond GPS: The Next High-Tech Frontier in Wild Animal Tracking - Scientific American ***

Preservatives from cosmetics build up in the bodies are far-flung marine mammals - ***

Orcas on the hunt for gray whales in Monterey Bay - San Jose Mercury News ***

Scientists study fat burn in elephant seals at Ano Nuevo State Park - San Jose Mercury News ***

Ocean Acidification: Evil twin' of global warming threatens Monterey Bay - San Jose Mercury News ***  [PDF}

Domoic acid poisoning in marine mammalsSan Jose Mercury News ***

 Marine biologist Earle says ocean in crisis, but there is hope - Monterey Herald ***



Photographs Only

"This Woman-Led Conservation Team is Protecting Giant Gentle Manta Rays." Good Magazine. April 20, 2018.

Description: mini news feature on the women of the Florida Manta Project, featuring my photographs.


Virginia Wildlife Magazine


Feature on local eastern spotted skunk research

01MangroveHabitat_NYT (1 of 1).jpg


Study Finds That Coastal Wetlands Excel at Storing Carbon


Writing Only


Stock taders' algorithm finds slow earthquakes - EARTH

Massive trove of dinosaur tracks cataloged in Australia - EARTH

Scientists crack the secret of dinosaurs' incubation time - EARTH

Fossil forest recorded ancient sunspots - EARTH

Bottom dropping out of coral reefs - EARTH

Down to Earth With: Cave microbiologist Hazel Barton - EARTH

Down to Earth With: BiogeochemistStephen Macavoy - EARTH

1883 sea rescue informs new model of wind-wave interactions - EARTH

One Ocean, Many Killer Whales - Hakai Magazine

Chinese air pollution clears up mystery of London's 1952 hazardous haze - EARTH

Geomedia: Film: Exploring Florida's aquifers with Filmmaker Tom Fitz - EARTH

Early humans dealt with Ethiopian supervolcanoes - EARTH

Liverworts, not moss, dominated Earth's early terrestrial ecosystems - EARTH

Burning grass releases more nitrogen pollution than burning wood - EARTH

Robotic mussels track temperature change - EARTH

Fungi stabilize steep slopes  - EARTH

Early birds quacked - EARTH

Scientists map U.S. geoelectric hazards - EARTH

Coral Reef Roundup: December 2016 - EARTH

Ice (Re) Cap: December 2016 - EARTH

Seafloor topography drives Earth's great conveyor belt - EARTH

Scientists find earthquakes trigger instantaneous aftershocks on neighboring faults- EARTH

 Life - Saving Diplomacy: The Volcano Disaster Assistance Program at Thirty - EARTH

Geomedia: Music: Sounds of the Sea - EARTH

Benchmarks: December 6, 1916, Dinosaur fossils lost at sea in World War I - EARTH

Down to Earth With: Underwater Cave explorerJill Heinerth - EARTH

Nutrient deficiency delayed life after mass extinction - EARTH

Ancient plankton communities stressed before mass extinction - EARTH

Pluto may still have a liquid ocean - EARTH

Benchmarks: November 13, 1985: Nevado del Ruiz eruption triggers deadly lahars - EARTH

Toad behavior linked to climate change - EARTH

Unique teeth helped vegetarian dinosaurs - EARTH

Down to Earth With: Volcanologist Kayla Iacovino - EARTH

Scientists get rare opportunity to monitor caldera collapse in real time  - EARTH

Ancient genomes suggest dual origin for modern dogs - Nature

Monkey teeth tell tale of ancient migration - Nature ***

Genome reveals why giraffes have long necks - Nature

Mystery factors protect lucky few from severe genetic disorders - Nature

A Tour of Ceres- NASA Viz

Face to face with the ugly, marvelous Mola mola - Scientific American

Ancient solar storms may explain how Mars morphed into a cold, barren reset - GeoSpace

One Million Icequakes - GeoSpace

Orcas on the hunt for gray whales in Monterey Bay - San Jose Mercury News ***

Unusual salamanders lurk beneath UC Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz Sentinel

UC Santa Cruz scientists find most distant galaxy - Santa Cruz Sentinel

New tool to study sound in Monterey Bay - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Elkhorn Slough is booming with baby otters - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Sea cucumbers dominate the seafloor off Central California's West Coast - Santa Cruz Sentinel

UC Santa Cruz scientist: Mercury levels on rise - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Sea otter tool use depends on prey type - San Jose Mercury News  [PDF]

Argentine ants are headed for your home, rain or shine - San Jose Mercury News

Stanford "Simulating Sustainability: Stanford computer model sheds light on how modern interventions can affect tropical forest and indigenous peoples" (11 March 2016)

Stanford "Stanford biologists discover that flexible gene expression may regulate social status in male fish" ( 5 January 2016)

Stanford "Physicist set quantum record by using photos to carry messages from electrons 1.2 miles apart" ( 24 November 2015)

Stanford "Stanford students put computer science skills to social good" (19 November 2015)

Stanford "Citizenship for immigrants creates stronger political integration" (22 October 2015)

Stanford "Rewarding good behavior of prisoners a benefit to society" (6 October 2015)





Check out this footage I shot of a biologist removing fishing line from a young manta ray, edited and produced by Marine Megafauna Foundation.