Writing Samples

Selected writing samples

Selected Writing Samples



Small sea lions with big personalities. September 12, 2019. Hakai Magazine.

Sleeping endangered Galapagos sea lion I photographed back in 2006.

If gray seals had a police force, this guy would be locked up,” one researcher says.

Abiotic amino acid found in subseafloor rocks. March 20, 2019. EARTH Magazine.

Easter Island inhabitants drank brackish water to survive. February 20, 2019. EARTH Magazine.

Head-Banging gopher tortoise shows why the species matters. April 20, 2018. National Geographic. includes original video footage*

One Ocean, Many Killer Whales. March 1, 2017. Hakai Magazine.


 The Dolphin Diaspora of Little Bahama Bank. October, 2019. Oceanographic Magazine; Issue 9.