Marine Biologist, Writer & Photographer

Hi there! I'm currently a research associate with the Wild Dolphin Project, founded and directed by Dr. Denise Herzing, where I study two resident species of oceanic dolphins: Atlantic spotted (Stenella frontalis) and Atlantic bottlenose (Tursiops truncatus) in the Bahamas. I've spent years freediving and snorkeling to photograph, film, and collect data on these animals. All of this work is done freediving and snorkeling without the use of scuba. As a researcher, I'm most interested in animal movement patterns and habitat use but WDP studies everything from communication to behavior, genetics and social structure.

During my time as a biologist and living at sea, I've come eye-to-eye with tiger sharks and sea turtles, swam into a box jellyfish, and dove on the shark-diver team for Diana Nyad.   My fieldwork has brought me to many places around the globe. I've spent hours hiking along the beach at night in the Virgin Islands to study nesting leatherback sea turtles, trekked above treeline in the Andes Mountains, freedove with sleeping sharks in the Galapagos Islands and watched elephants in Kruger National Park of South Africa.

In August 2015,  I left the warm tropics for the redwoods, banana slugs and sea otters in the cold Pacific to study Scientific Communication at UC Santa Cruz.

Now, I still conduct scientific research, but also work as a science writer and photographer to share stories about wildlife, the threats they face, and scientists studying them. My goal is to use photography and storytelling to inspire positive action for the environment, and increase scientific literacy in our country. I aim to be a scientist that can communicate my work and the work of others to the public. I especially love reaching out to young kids and have done many talks at elementary schools, even brought in scientists to the classroom via SKYPE. If you're interested, be sure to follow me on social media to keep up-to-date with my current photography projects and field work!

In October 2017, I become a contributing photographer/scientist to the Instagram project Everyday Extinction, which aims to document the causes, effects, and solutions of Earth's current 6th mass extinction. My photography and articles have appeared in local newspapers, scientific journals, magazines and for online news outlets, including Oceana, Nature, Science, Hakai, EARTH, Scientific American and National Geographic Kids. 

I was recently accepted into the Female Nature Photographer community and the prestigious Ocean Artists Society.

Ocean Artists Society
Photo by  Nicodemo Ientile


Interviewed by The Fins United Initiative for my work as a biologist and conservation photographer. April 24, 2018.

Interviewed by Mother Nature Network on my research and using photography for outreach and education.  April 12, 2018.

Instagram Takeover for Ocean Conservancy on National Dolphin Day, April 2018.

Interviewed by Mother Nature Network on my work as a scientist turned photographer/science communicator. April 2018.

Everyday Extinction covered on the National Geographic blog Dec 22, 2017

Image chosen as one of 12, from Everyday Extinction project, for a Instagram Takeover with Buzzfeed- November 2017

Instagram Takeover for Oceana on Florida's Mysterious Manta Rays conservation photography project - November 2017

Interview by Conversation Ocean about my conservation photography project on Florida's Mysterious Manta Rays - August 2017

Instagram Takeover for River Snorkeling on freshwater photography - February 2017

Interviewed about opting outside on Black Friday for NPR - November 2016

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