Updates from the field, about the work of Bethany Augliere, including research, photography and writing.


I was recently interviewed by two separate outlets for my work as a marine biologist, science communicator and conservation photographer.

The first came out on April 12, and was with Mother Nature Network  by conservation photographer Jaymi Heimbuch. The piece is titled What dolphins taught this scientist about effective communication.

The second piece, which came out April 24, is a blog post with The Fins United Initiative for their "Behind the Fins" series. Check out the story here, and read more about my experiences observing sharks follow dolphins and untangling manta rays from fishing line.





Visiting First Grade!

This month, I visited a first grade team at Forestdale Elementary in Northern Virginia to talk about science! The kids had just finished up their non-fiction units, which required a research project as well. So, I talked to the kids about their projects, and also shared some of my work as both a dolphin biologist with the Wild Dolphin Project and as a wildlife photographer who works with scientists.

In this photo, I'm sharing a story from my work with the non-profit Marine Megafauna Foundation and their work with Florida manta rays.





New Photo Exhibit!

If you're traveling in South Florida, be sure to check out my new photo exhibit "Exploring Marine Conservation Through A Lens" at Manatee Lagoon Eco-Discovery Center in Riviera Beach.

The exhibit features some of my projects related to sea turtles, wild dolphins, and manta rays in Florida.

I also gave a presentation on April 8 to launch the exhibit!





Mantas in Florida!

Check out this article in Scuba Diver Life about manta rays in Florida, featuring the work of Marine Megafauna Foundation's Florida Manta Project.

It also includes several of my photos and a video I shot of a hook removal on a manta, nicknamed Stevie Nicks by the scientists studying her.