Updates from the field, about the work of Bethany Augliere, including research, photography and writing.

New piece in Oceanograhphic Magazie

Hi everyone, I’ve got a new feature article in Oceanographic Magazine for issue 9. I’m excited because this is my first time working with this magazine.

It’s a story about the summer the Wild Dolphin Project showed up to our field site of 28 years, and the dolphins were missing. It’s a little different than a lot of my science writing because it’s a personal story about my work and what it was like thinking that the dolphins could’ve all died. When we did find them, the next question was: Why did they leave?

Recent work

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted here in awhile, so I figured I would share some of my most recent published work.

I wrote two news articles for Hakai Magazine based on new research, including one on the eco-tourism industry of feeding wild dolphins in Australia and one on personality in sea lions.

An endangered Galapagos sea lion I photographed in 2006.

An endangered Galapagos sea lion I photographed in 2006.

I also wrote a piece for National Geographic on seal cannabalism and a piece for Science Magazine on box jellyfish!

And finally, I wrote and shot photos for a piece in Vero Beach Portfolio magazine on Dr. Chelsea Bennice, otherwise known as “Octo Girl.” She studies — yes, you guessed it — octopus!